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Teeny Time Upholstered Products Manufacturing

Affordable And Precision

MDF/PLYWOOD Board Cutting

We use the carving machine to cut the board, which has many advantages.
1, Accurately cut the size we want.
2, Cutting any shape we want.
3, Using computer graphics can maximize the utilization rate of the whole board, then save costs.
4, Using a cutting machine ensures the safety of workers when operating the machine.
At Teeny Time, we consider the workers’ safe at first important.

Safety And Efficiently
Multi-Blade Sawing Machine

The advanced multi-blade saw machine can prevent workers from directly touching the machine, which can ensure workers’ safety, Furthermore, quick machine speed and multi-blad ensure our efficiency then reduce costs. Teeny Time can complete wood cutting work on beds, sofas, armchairs, and chairs for bulk orders within the expected deadline thanks to our automated furniture cutting equipment.

Accurately Group Drilling Machine

Using a group drills machine can ensure the accuracy of our drilling. Do your clients have trouble with the bed assembly?  Usually, the problems are caused by little error drilling.  Fortunately, Teeny Time uses group drills machines and fixtures to ensure that they will not move. The holes in the same piece will be drilled at one time to ensure that the hole is accurate.

High Utilizable And Accurately

Computer-Output Typesetting

Teeny Time uses computer typesetting to replace manual typesetting, which greatly improves the utilization rate of fabric, thus saving costs, moreover cutting various shapes more accurately according to requirements.

Gracefully And Elegantly

Sewing Pattern Machine

Teeny Time utilizes a sewing pattern machine that can apply intricate patterns on each item of upholstery, giving them unique decorative designs. The sewing pattern mechanism ensures the pattern is accurately integrated onto a large number of beds and sofas without compromising on speed. In addition, the stitches we use ensure a strong connection between the foam and fabric and the furniture.

Upholstered Cover Sewing Machine

Teeny Time has 10 skilled and stable sewers. Our workers are very stable, which ensures that we can sew a lot of high-quality and elegant covers on time.

Proper Adhesive for Combine Foam And Frame

To ensure the backrest and seat of our sofas, armchairs, beds, and so on are stable and secure, we apply proper adhesive onto a new foam or batting. Teeny Time can achieve an ergonomic seating experience that provides superior lumbar support and comfort.

Safe and Dependable

Upholstered Tacking Methods

To create a smooth and clean edge for the upholstery, Teeny Time utilizes cardboard, MDF, and Plywood. Cardboard tacking strips are suitable for keeping fabric/PU materials in place, then showing elegant line shapes. The various tacking methods we employ ensure the upholstery will be secured for a long period.

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