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A Comprehensive Guide to Help You Choose the Right Kids Sofa

Every parent wants their kids to have all the comfort at home, and this includes arranging for furniture that suits their needs. However, since numerous options are available in the marketplace, one can easily get confused about making the right choice. If you are contemplating purchasing a kid sofa and looking for a perfect one, then you will find this write-up very useful. 

You must consider various things before purchasing a kids’ sofa. Since not all sofas are meant for their playful activities, you need to choose the right one for them. You must opt for a sofa with the right material, foam, and design for your kids.

Your little troublemakers will probably not be so careful with their new sofas. You can expect them to create a mess of fingerprints, food stains, and spills. That is what children do. As a parent, you must buy a sofa that eliminates the need to clean that mess. The right kind of sofa material must be chosen for this purpose.

Peruse the following section to help you get clear and perfect guidance on choosing the right kids’ sofa.

Find The Right Sofa Design for Kids

Nothing better tells apart a kid sofa from the regular ones than its design. The kids’ sofas are designed to bring out smiles on the faces of your little devils. Here are some of the popular design options to consider:

Cloud Sofa

Wouldn’t it be nice to choose a sofa that allows your kids to enjoy their fantasy land? What better than letting them sit on the clouds and allowing them to divulge into their imagination? The cloud-shaped sofas are specially designed to fit in kids’ bedrooms, and the curved shape is also kid-friendly.


Love Kids Sofa

The love sofa or the heart-shaped sofa is a lovely gift for the kids that reminds them constantly how much their parents love them. The simple yet playful design will surely gain immediate attention from your little ones. The kids would get a cozy and lovable feeling when they play around in their hearty personal space.


Shell Sofa

Seashells inspire the design of this type of sofa, and so the back support is made as if it’s an open seashell. When you see your kids sitting in it, it would appear as if your kid is the little pearl inside the shell. Wouldn’t that be cute?


The High-Backed 2-Seater Sofa

If you want the kids to have a safe and spacious sofa, then opt for a more simplistic design, such as a high-backed two-seater sofa. The back support is pretty big in this type of sofa, so even adults can use it for seating. Even the kids can enjoy a cozy feeling in the high-backed two-seater sofa.


Traditional Curved Sofa

If you are scouting for something classier in design, opt for the traditional curved sofa. The button back is simply elegant, and if you have a toddler in your home, you will probably find them playing around with these buttons.

One of the best things about the traditional curved design is that it takes up less space and can fit with any color combination in your kid’s room.

Find The Right Sofa Material That Is Kid Friendly

You have the choice to opt for fabric, leather, suede, or synthetic.

Fabric Sofa

Fabric material gives out an aesthetic appeal, but that is not the only purpose when purchasing a sofa for kids. When your kids play around on the sofa, you can expect them to make it dirty. Removing stains will be a daunting task if any liquid spills on the upholstery.

You need a material that can withstand scratches and stays durable for a long. Moreover, you don’t want to purchase a sofa that takes up your entire day to clean out the dirt stains.

Leather Sofa

A leather material for kids sofa is considered right since it’s pretty easy to clean and is also very durable. However, there are several drawbacks to purchasing a sofa with leather.

First, if you have pets, any scratches put by them are bound to leave a permanent mark. Second, if you choose a light color, you will still be able to remove the spills, but they might leave spots of color if you don’t clean them right away. And third, leather sofas are comparatively expensive.

Synthetic Leather

This is considered a popular choice amongst parents who want to buy a sofa for their kids. Synthetic leather is durable because of the tight weave and is less expensive. Moreover, not many can tell the difference between synthetic and authentic leather.

You can easily wipe off any spillage, and it’s pretty easy to clean. The material is not susceptible to stains, so you can leave the kids alone to eat on their comfy sofas.

Suede or Velvet Sofas

The suede or velvet material is pretty durable and looks pretty classy. Kids seem to have a special preference for a smooth material like suede, and the color is too vibrant in this material choice.

However, the drawback in using suede material is that it can be damaged with water and if any liquid spills, it would be immediately absorbed. Therefore, a deep cleaning by a professional regularly would be required.

Final Thoughts

When you have kids in the home, there is hardly anything that can stay protected from their shenanigans.

There is no kid-proof material or design, so you will always have to take additional precautions when buying something for them, and this includes the kids’ sofa set. You might have to ensure that you keep the kids’ sofa covered with removable covers. Also, using slipcovers is important to keep your kids safe.

More importantly, you need to create ground rules for the new kids’ sofa. No kid will always obey 100% but knowing that rules to be followed would teach them to be careful with their furniture. Teach them how to take care of their sofa from the beginning and what not to eat while sitting on the sofa.

We hope you find this comprehensive guide to finding the right kids’ sofa useful.

Kelly Su

Kelly Su

Hi, I’m Kelly Su, the funder of sunnyfurniture.com, I’ve been running a factory in China that makes kids furniture for 10 years now, and the purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge related to kids bed, chair, sofa, armchair, storage, bench and stool from a Chinese supplier’s perspective.
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